The Staff of TPS and the Chain of Command

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The Staff of TPS and the Chain of Command

Post by Chelle » February 28th, 2018, 12:40 pm

The Poet Sanctuary is a freely managed poetry forum. All of the staff members do so on a volunteer basis. Staff are responsible for enforcing the Terms of Service, handling member issues, answering member questions, updating information, running sitewide events such as National Poetry Month, and publishing Poetize. There are different levels of staff, with differing responsibilities.


She is responsible for all aspects of TPS. Chelle makes sure the hosting bill is paid, the homepage is maintained, the forum is maintained, the software is updated, and that the Terms of Service are updated and enforced as needed. If needed, she is the final decision maker. If you have questions about technical aspects of the forum, they probably need to go to her.


These people have access to most aspects of the forum. They help with events, member issues, answer questions, update forum information, and can handle most things when it comes to TPS. They also help guide other staff members. They usually know most answers to the questions asked.

Sparky, Godsplat

Co-Administrators are responsible for specific sections of the forum, maintain the forum, and can handle forum issues. They assist the moderators in making sure that threads receive the right amount of comments, enforce the Terms of Service, and bring issues to the attention of the Administrators if need be.

A Well-Meaning Bunch of Members

This list changes from time to time but these are members who have decided to take on some extra responsibilities and help report posting violations, member issues, and problems to upper level staff. They are assigned to specific board sections to help maintain their sections and scan posts.

If you don't know who to contact for a specific issue, feel free to ask any of these people and they can put you in the right direction.

Special Projects:
Writers' Workshop-Alan
TPS Angel Tree-Chelle